by Hellbound

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Hellbound / / Alcon


released May 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Hellbound Cleveland, Ohio

A metal / hardcore band from Cleveland, Oh

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Track Name: Hellbound - Void
Step into the pale light
Where nothing is what it seems
Every step that you take
Brings you closer to death

The only truth I've ever found
This body is temporary
Loss is the only feeling
That Lasts forever

Living on borrowed time
Out of ways to cheat death
Seeing the world
Through empty eyes

Promises kept / Memories made
Severed ties, are all that's left.

Never finding Solace
Never finding peace
Never finding solitude
Rest in Peace

Please don't let this be the end
I'm not ready to say goodbye
Please don't leave me here
I'm not ready to say goodbye
Track Name: Hellbound - Guilty
We are all born to suffer
We are born into emptiness
We are all born to die
We are all born to die

Locked up
Trapped in a cage
Waking up to silence
Every day the same thing
Descend, Into darkness

Nowhere to run
No place to hide
And before long
I will watch you die

I'll be the one
Who decides your fate
Kneel before me
And plead your case
Kneel before me
And beg for mercy

I am the judge
I am the jury
I am the hangmans noose
The Verdict is Guilty